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Help Your Kids Achieve Their Dreams

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Goal Setting

Every parent and teacher wants their kids to be successful. By working with them to help them identify their goals and desires, you can help them increase their odds of pursuing and achieving their dreams.

The first step is to set specific goals and write them down. Dreams can help you decide what you want to achieve in life. Dreams help guide you to your goals. Talk to your kids and help them create a clear, detailed vision of what they want their life to be like. Discuss what they want their job to be, where they want to live, who they live with, what they are wearing, their values, the relationships in their life, and anything else they imagine and foresee. Now, have them write or draw about what they see on a piece of paper.

Once they have their vision for the future, set a detailed goal in each area to help them reach their vision. For example, if they want to be a math teacher, set their goal in math.

If they want to stay close to your family, set a goal to have strong relationships with them. If it makes them happy to help others, set a goal to volunteer at a hospital or nursing home.

Creating this road map will increase their chances of achieving their goals and motivate them to be successful in life one step at a time.