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Mission & Values

About Winning Futures

We are a nationally recognized and award-winning expert in empowering high school students to succeed. Through our evidence-based and structured Workforce Prep program, students throughout Metro Detroit are immersed in a researched based, multi-channel, seven-year workforce prep and mentoring program that begins in tenth grade and continues through four years of college or trade school. The program includes mentoring, life skills development, goal setting, job readiness training, and career exploration. With help from volunteer mentors and partnerships with the business community, students are empowered to become self-reliant, employable, and productive adults with defined academic and career goals, and highly desirable workforce skills. Since 1994, we have positively impacted more than 50,000 students and awarded more than $2.1 million in scholarships.


We empower high school and college students to achieve the life they dream of through our seven-year workforce prep and mentoring program.


For our alumni to become happy adults who have lasting satisfaction, stability, and growth opportunities in their careers. Many will be mentoring students in Winning Futures, working for our partners and sponsors, and impacting our community.

Core Values

1. Inclusive
2. Student-focused
3. Relationship-focused
4. Loyalty
5. Positive attitude
6. Teamwork

Our Commitment to Diversity

To accomplish our mission, we believe that we must be responsive to the needs of everyone who receives our services. We implement and improve programs using information and input from our stakeholders: students, mentors, volunteers, educators, funders, board, and staff. We value people of all backgrounds irrespective of their gender, race, ethnic origin, disability, age, nationality, national origin, sexuality, religion, belief, marital status, or social class. We foster an environment of respect, openness, learning, integrity, and honesty. Our commitment to inclusiveness is evident in our organizational policies, procedures, and strategic plan.

Click here to read our statement condemning inequities and racism.

“The mentors and business partners are creating a community of caring, focused young people who will strengthen our future and our nation. Together, we empower students to reach personal success.”Kris Marshall
President & CEO
Winning Futures