Winning Futures

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We are a nationally recognized and award-winning expert in empowering high school students to succeed. Through our evidence-based and structured Workforce Prep program, student throughout Metro Detroit are immersed in a four-year experiential curriculum that includes in-class mentoring, life skills development, goal setting, job readiness training, and career exploration. With help from volunteer mentors and partnerships with the business community, students are transformed into self-reliant, employable, and productive adults. Since 1994, we have positively impacted 49,000 students and awarded $1.9 million in scholarships.


2019 Annual Outcomes Report

Mentoring Works! Alumni Success Stories

December 13, 2019
25 From 25: Rosa Majeed
December 13, 2019
25 From 25: Jordan Manning
December 13, 2019
25 From 25: Katie Filion