Mentoring Works: The Three Amigo Mentors

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Above: Jeff Lehnertz, Tony Gwilt and Brad Remer lifelong friends who share a passion for mentoring   We are continuing to celebrate National Mentor Month here at Winning Futures. Today we wanted to highlight a special trio of male mentors at Warren Mott High School. Jeffery Lehnertz began mentoring with us … Read More »

Mentoring Works: Jeff Lehnertz’s Story

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For me, the mission of the Winning Futures program is simply to encourage young people to plan for their future by setting goals for themselves.  The program is geared towards making the students understand that a positive attitude and self-image is a choice that they make each day.  My personal … Read More »

Mentoring Works: Olu’s Story

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Mentoring Works: Olu’s Story I joined Winning Futures because I wanted to help young men reach their full potential. It’s exciting to be a mentor in the program because my mentees are on the cusp of discovering what their talents, passions, career interests, and personal values are, and I’m there … Read More »