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Since 1994, our program has engaged and impacted thousands of students and the communities they live in. Noted below are impact figures from the 2018-19 school year.

Students reported the following changes in themselves:

  • 97% said their confidence improved
  • 97% said they better understand steps they can take to improve their grades
  • 92% said they have taken at least one step toward their continuing education goal
  • 99% said they benefited from the program
  • 87% said they gained job readiness skills
  • 99% said they better understand what it will take to achieve their desired career

Mentors reported the following changes in their students:

  • 89% improved their career path direction
  • 90% improved their knowledge and use of skills required to succeed at a career
  • 85% improved their ability to work collaboratively on a team
  • 92% improved their ability to overcome future obstacles
  • 90% improved their self confidence
  • 85% improved their self-reliance

Teachers reported the following changes in their students:

  • 77% are more likely to further their education in college or trade school
  • 71% have an improved attitude toward school
  • 72% improved their initiative when things need to be done

Alumni survey respondents reported:

  • 97% said the tools they learned helped them set academic and career goals
  • 94% said the program helped them complete steps and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals
  • 95% said they are more prepared for their career
  • 96% said they have a more positive attitude
  • 96% said they are more self-reliant
  • 95% said they are more successful
  • 94% are employed
  • 91% are enrolled in continuing education

Local impact:

  • More than 49,000 students impacted since 1994
  • Over $1.9 million in scholarships awarded since 1994
  • 500 local students mentored annually
  • 150 business mentors committed to 22 one-hour weekly mentoring sessions
  • Partners with seven high schools in Metro Detroit
  • Partners with more than 100 local businesses in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties

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