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Melvin Akins’ Story

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Melvin Akins' Alumni Success Story

After finishing High School I decided to leave Detroit and start my educational journey in a new environment at Baker College, studying Business Entrepreneurship. I continue to set short and long-term goals that have helped me achieve great things and help enlarge my opportunities in life.

As my journey started the first week of classes, I made the decision to start creating short-term goals for that semester. My short-term goals were to be on the Presidents List’s, receiving only A’s, and obtain a part-time job. I hoped obtaining a part-time job would help provide for myself as well as encourage me develop into a successful adult. The actions I took to achieve these two goals were approaching every opportunity as an over successor, and believing that I could do everything through God.

After accomplishing these achievements, I continued to create more goals such as buying a car, become eligible for the housing/dorm scholarship and networking to build friendships with other successful individuals.

I am happy to say I have been on the President and Dean’s List every semester. Which I hope will create more opportunities after college. I also got a job working at the State of Michigan Building in the DHS department, where I was able to gain knowledge in a professional workplace manner. I received the housing scholarship and was able to purchase a car.

My college experience has been one of the most impacting chapters in my life. I must say if it wasn’t for the Winning Futures Program I might not have decided to continue my education. Therefore, I want to be say thank you again to Laurie Tarter, Kevin Sutton, Scott Hilling and the great staff of Winning Futures.

Mentor Quote about Melvin: “Melvin Akins is an amazing young man who refused to be defined by his circumstances.  He tossed-aside roadblocks and channeled every ounce of energy he had into advancing his education and preparing for his future.  To see how far he has come in just a few years, inspires me beyond words.  I am so immensely proud of him; he is a great example of what can be accomplished when you refuse to be slowed by obstacles.”