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Mentoring Works: Olu’s Story

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Mentoring Works: Olu’s Story

I joined Winning Futures because I wanted to help young men reach their full potential. It’s exciting to be a mentor in the program because my mentees are on the cusp of discovering what their talents, passions, career interests, and personal values are, and I’m there to help them uncover things every week. It’s very cool and rare to be there when the light bulbs go off. I am extremely privileged and gratified to be a part of their self-actualization.
I’ve also realized that my interactions with these young men has helped me grow as well. I already feel I am a better teacher, mentor, and listener. Additionally, an indirect consequence of my participation is that I am more cognizant of opportunities for improvement in my own career development because I know I need to be the best possible role model for these young men as possible.


January is National Mentoring Month a time designated to thank everyone who has made the commitment to be someone who matters to someone who matters, thank you!