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Mentoring Works: Jeff Lehnertz’s Story

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Jeff (1)

For me, the mission of the Winning Futures program is simply to encourage young people to plan for their future by setting goals for themselves.  The program is geared towards making the students understand that a positive attitude and self-image is a choice that they make each day.  My personal goal each year is to work towards making my students understand how much I believe in them.  Each one of our students has the ability and talent to succeed, and so often I have seen them react so positively when they know that we care and are willing to invest in their future by showing them what they are capable of.  Not surprisingly, I feel as though I take away just as much, if not more, from the program and the students, than they do from me.  Winning Futures is an inspiration for me, and no matter what is happening at home or work, I know that my Thursday mornings are filled with smiles and bright futures.

-Jeff Lehnertz

Mentor at Warren Mott High School,

Vice President, The Huttenlocher Group


January is National Mentoring Month a time designated to thank everyone who has made the commitment to be someone who matters to someone who matters, thank you!