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All in the Family

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Winning Futures has a unique advantage over other mentoring programs. Since we have been serving Metro Detroit since 1994, over 20 years, we have had the pleasure of graduating generations of students in Winning Futures. Being a locally-based program in many of the same high schools since our foundation, we work with students whose parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, have participated. Before the school year began last fall, a 1998 Winning Futures alumnus contacted us to ensure her son could be enrolled. Because our program had such a positive influence on her life as a young adult, she wanted to make certain her son could have the same opportunity, 15 years later.


Nancy and Program Facilitator, Laurie Tarter, at Nancy’s Graduation in 2006

Students and alumni mentors share a unique bond.  Nancy Benjamin sat in a Winning Futures classroom in 2005, and has returned to pay-it-forward at Warren Mott High School. Her mentee shared with us,

“The fact that she is actually a Winning Futures alumnus herself is really cool and makes her that               much more qualified for the position in my eyes. The way Nancy tells us how positively Winning       Futures impacted her life and helped her achieve many great things just gives me so much faith in the program and how truly powerful it can be.”


Nancy Benjamin working with students at Warren Mott High School Fall, 2014

We are proud to have helped shape the futures of over 30,000 students in metro Detroit. Children, their parents, and look forward to many generations to come.