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Scholarship Winner in Oakland Press

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The Oakland Press

Pontiac Academy for Excellence student earns Winning Futures scholarship

Written by Dave Phillips

Lizannette Rivera-Colon, and her mentor Amanda Rymiszewski.
Amanda Rymiszewski (left) and her Winning Futures mentee Lizannette Rivera-Colon. Rivera-Colon has been named a recipient of the Winning Futures scholarship.

“A mentorship program at Pontiac Academy for Excellence is instilling confidence and teaching skills to students at the charter school, according to a junior who earned a scholarship through it.

During the 2014-15 school year, Winning Futures has seen 66 PAE participants, who attend a weekly hour-long session with a mentor. Meetings focused on character-building skills, including goal setting, conflict resolution, professionalism and self-awareness.

“Thanks to Winning Futures I learned how to express myself and have more confidence,” stated Lizannette Rivera-Colon, an 11th grader at the school.

“I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this program and am honored to be the recipient of the Winning Futures scholarship. While my time in the program has come to an end, I know this is the beginning of a better future.”

The program at the school features 19 mentors, including Amanda Rymiszewski, who mentored Rivera-Colon.

“Lizannette has only lived in the United States for one year and she already has a clear vision of her future because of the Winning Futures program,” Rymiszewski stated.

Seeing her and the other young women I mentor succeed is incredibly rewarding and heartwarming. I wouldn’t give up my experiences with Winning Futures for anything.”

PAE and Winning Futures entered into a partnership in 2013. Since that time, 140 students have participated with about 95 percent of participants going on to pursue further education and training beyond high school.

Article posted in The Oakland Press by Dave Phillips