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Madison High Career/Culture/Community Day

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Madison Career Culture Community


Madison High School in Madison Heights held a Career/Culture/Community day for their students on Friday, May 9th. Partnering with Madison High to make this a great day for the students was the United Way of Southeastern Michigan.

Volunteers from the community discussed their work with the high school students hoping to make an impact on the kids’ future.

There were five sessions on the morning of the 9th, and the students got to choose which presentation they attended each hour. Speakers talked to a group of approx. 20-35 students including a Q&A. Among the things the speakers discussed was the following:

• Provide an in depth understanding to your work
• The path it took to get to where you are today
• Education you received for the position
• Lessons learned and experiences
• Salary expectations
• Demand for the work (industry)
• Skill sets used in the position (industry)

Among the volunteers that presented that day were three Winning Futures mentors: Brendon Brosnan, Emergency Services Manager of the City of Warren; Amy Ostrand, Senior Advisor at Davenport University; and Tony Merlo, owner of Smarter Phones.