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Lawrence Technological University, Class of 2019!

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LTU 2015 Collage

By: Carla Wellborn

We had a wonderful time working with the incoming freshmen of Lawrence Technological University! Winning Futures facilitated a jam-packed two day seminar for the brand new class of 2019 at LTU, who were led by an amazing group of current college students serving as peer mentors and volunteers from the LTU community. On the first day, the students learned the importance of building positive attitudes as the foundation for their success. They also developed vision statements that will help guide their college experience. The students really let their engineering skills soar when making attitude towers out of marshmallow and spaghetti!

Our last day was dedicated entirely to goal setting. The students set short-term academic goals and long-term educational goals that will help keep them on track towards the inspiring vision statements they created on the first day. We finished up our sessions with the Change Game! This is an activity that requires participants to partner up, change their appearance, and identify the changes made by their partner. Our Winning Futures students demonstrated that they were not afraid of a little change and this flexibility will serve them well as they grow professionally. We look forward to seeing the future success of Lawrence Tech’s class of 2019! What a phenomenal group of future leaders.