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For Josh Hudson, seeing is believing. He’s on track to graduate from the University of Michigan with a degree in electrical engineering.

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Josh Hudson is a junior at the University of Michigan where he’s studying electrical engineering. After earning his degree, he hopes to work in the electrical engineering field, then one day give back by volunteering in an organization like ours. He has a vision for his future, which he clearly sees, and he’s developing the knowledge and skills needed for success. But it hasn’t always been easy for Josh to see a successful future.

Josh attended Harper Woods High School in Harper Woods where he also participated in our Workforce Prep program. He was interested in going to college and maybe working in the automotive or electrical engineering fields, but he wasn’t sure about it, and he lacked the knowledge and support needed to explore his options and make related decisions.

“I never really saw a lot of people that I was growing up with, even in my family, that went to college and successfully finished,” said Josh. “So not seeing it led to me not believing it. I was intentional on wanting to change my surroundings but didn’t really know how to get there. I didn’t have the structure or exposure I needed.”

Josh was matched with Winning Futures career mentor Matt Michayluk, director of sales at Complete Prototype Services. Together they explored careers and planned for Josh’s future.

“Matt always encouraged me to stick with it,” said Josh. “I learned the importance of discipline because you can make a plan but if you don’t stick with it, you won’t see the results that you’d like to have. But if you stick with it, the chances of getting the results you want increase drastically.”

Josh graduated from high school, was accepted to the University of Michigan, and entered our College Success Mentoring (CSM) program. His new Winning Futures CSM career mentor was Matthus “Matt” Joshua, owner of E-MAD, LLC, and former executive director of purchasing at General Motors.

“Matt has a degree in electrical engineering and works in the field,” said Josh. “I can ask him questions about my career field or college, and I know he will always give me a substantial amount of good information.”

Josh and Matt meet regularly to talk about Joshua’s studies and career path. With help from Matt, Josh is making good progress toward earning his degree and achieving his goals.

“When I first met him, Josh was more unsure of his ability to succeed,” said Matt. “He has gained more confidence. He’s more sure of himself. He has moved from, ‘Can I do it’ to ‘I want to get this done so I can move forward on my career path.’”

Matt’ influence on Josh has been much more than building confidence. He’s also helped Josh with developing good study skills, time management, staying healthy, securing an internship, and perhaps one thing that Matt is unaware of.

“He probably doesn’t realize this, but he taught me the importance of being intentional,” said Josh. “Knowing the intended result of everything I do. He opened my mind to seeing the possibilities and importance of doing things for a real purpose, not a material purpose.”

“It’s great to see someone who has the whole world in front of them,” said Matt. “He’s very driven to build a career and be physically sound.”

As for his time in our program, Josh said, “Winning Futures did everything from giving me insight on how to apply for college and how to find a major to winning scholarships. And Matt always makes time for me, helping me stay focused and moving forward, and staying healthy.”

Josh didn’t see it.

Then he saw it.

Now he’s making it real.

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