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First Year Mentor Success Story

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Krysten Team

I just completed my first year as a mentor with Winning Futures.  I have volunteered with several other organizations before but this experience is by far the most rewarding.  I have enjoyed and personally benefited from every moment.  I mentored 4 senior girls from Community High School who participated in the program for credit recovery.  These young ladies were so appreciative and responsive to me.  In fact, one of my mentee’s won the scholarship which is such a gift for a first year mentor.

In my opinion, this program should be in EVERY classroom for graduating seniors.  Each week a lesson plan is emailed in advance to mentors who then prepare for the following week session.  The facilitators are organized, energetic, and positive influences on these students.  The message being taught each week is not unique to just the students.  Every Tuesday morning I always felt like I left with a jolt of positive energy and self-awareness that I could apply to both my personal and professional life.

The trust and connection I had with “my girls” was most rewarding.  My favorite moment was when one mentee asked if I would help her get ready for prom since her mother was currently in the hospital.  For the record, this is the one mentee I felt like I was struggling with the most and it amazed me when she asked if I wanted to help her.  This proves that we don’t always know what the other person is thinking or feeling and little did I know that I had made a connection with her that allowed her to want to reach out and ask.  My response… “Of course”!!

I am so impressed with this organization that I have already recruited 3 other mentors for the 2014-2015 school years.  I look forward to meeting my new mentees this fall.  Thank you to everyone at Winning Futures for what you are doing and living on a daily basis.


Krystn Clark

Brown & Brown of Detroit