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25 From 25: Deshawn Wafer

May 21, 2019 , ,

Deshawn Wafer, Students, University of Michigan, Winning Futures Class of 2007 Deshawn was in the Winning Futures program his freshman year at Harper Woods High School. He excelled in the program and applied for a Cupp-Hamilton Scholarship but was not successful. Program Facilitator, Bryan Howard, encouraged him to keep focusing… Read More

25 From 25: Lori Gulecki

May 20, 2019 , ,

Lori Gulecki, Financial Analyst, Kelly Services, Winning Futures Class of 1998 When Lori was a student at Warren Mott High School, she didn’t have a plan for her future, and her grades were slipping. It wasn’t until she joined the Winning Futures program her senior year that she began to… Read More

Making the World a Better Place: A Mentor’s Perspective

May 15, 2019 ,

Gavin Haque (center) mentoring students at Community High School. Making the World a Better Place: A Mentor’s Perspective By Gavin Haque, Assessment Specialist and Trainer at Kaplan Early Learning Center and Winning Futures Mentor I’ve had a very successful career over the last forty years in sales and management for… Read More

25 From 25: Melvin Akins III

April 15, 2019 , ,

Melvin Akins III, Contractor, James White Enterprises Winning Futures Class of 2013 Melvin’s mother died when he was in 8th grade, leaving his 21-year-old sister to raise him and his four other siblings. Melvin was suddenly weighed down by adult responsibilities, was frequently in trouble at school, and had little… Read More

25 From 25: Jennifer Brubaker

April 15, 2019 , ,

Jennifer Brubaker, Executive Director, Gianna House Winning Futures Class of 2000 Growing up, Jennifer bounced around from school to school until she finally landed at Cousino High School in Warren. When she started in the Winning Futures program, she was suffering from low self-esteem and didn’t believe she had a… Read More

Mentoring Longevity

April 10, 2019 ,

Dave Fernholz (right) at his Winning futures mentee Jama Whitaker's (left) graduation. Dave Fernholz wanted to be better prepared for when his own kids became teenagers. Little did he know that his desire to be a better parent would lead to two decades of mentoring and receiving our 20 Year… Read More

Winning Futures Students Get a Glimpse of The Future

March 20, 2019 ,

Winning Futures students at the HARMAN Technology Expo. Our students from Madison and Warren Mott High Schools were invited to experience the future of automotive technology at the HARMAN Technology Expo on February 8, 2019. Click here to see photos. HARMAN designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers,… Read More

A Teacher’s Perspective

March 19, 2019 ,

Erin Prim (right) is an English Instructor at Cass Technical High School in Detroit. Cass Tech has hosted our Winning Futures program for seven years. Pictured with Erin is 11th grade student, Chloe (left). A Teacher’s Perspective By Erin Prim, English Instructor, Cass Technical High School, Detroit I have been… Read More

25 From 25: Lourin Younan

March 19, 2019 , ,

Lourin Younan, Undergraduate Student, Wayne State University Winning Futures Class of 2016 Lourin immigrated to the United States from Iraq when she was 8 years old. She’d struggled with self-confidence from trying to juggle her new American life and her Chaldean identity. As a senior at Madison High School, Lourin… Read More

25 From 25: Terrell White, Jr.

March 19, 2019 , ,

Terrell White, Jr., Executive Assistant, Porter Media Group, Owner, Innovative Choice, Winning Futures Class of 2018 As a senior at Cornerstone Health + Technology, Terrell had big dreams for his future, but needed a little help from business mentors to achieve his goals. His Winning Futures mentor Michael Wooley, senior… Read More