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Experience something that inspires you. Become a mentor!

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There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make one step back and rethink life. Am I living my purpose? Am I spending my time doing the right things?  A forced pause on our busy lives has given us time to look within ourselves at how we are living life. While we may not have enjoyed the autopilot of our lives being disrupted, we have also found an opportunity for transformation – individually and collectively.  We have a chance to re-set our life compass to one that aligns with who we are or want to be and harness the courage to try something different.   

Becoming a mentor can be that life-changing experience.  

Finding joy in the simpler things. 

We live in a culture that celebrates BIG accomplishments, and glosses over everyday victories. Working with young adults and helping them document and achieve their goals can remind us that it is the small wins that built our resilience.  

Working as a mentor in our Workforce Prep program you will be reminded of those moments and how important they are.   

  • Enjoy paying it forward. 
  • Watching someone grow as a person by taking on new challenges. 
  • Learning a GenZ perspective of the world, while passing on some important history of your own. 
  • Dedicating 1 hour a week to build a connection with another person. 
  • Becoming a part of the Winning Futures community and experience the positive energy of a non-profit, singular focus, driven organization. 

Why Winning Futures? 

Our mentors are local business professionals who volunteer because they want to make an impact. Our experiential curriculum is well-tested and effective, making our student success and mentor satisfaction very high. With prescribed mentor training, on-going support before and after each session, and prepared lesson plans from our staff, your focus is on building the relationship with your mentee and documenting a plan for their future.  Learn more about our Workforce Prep mentoring program. 

Virtual mentoring has made it easier for our students and mentors to carve out convenient times for discussion, making the environment more relaxed and focused on the students and the topic of the day. During your virtual session, you will listen to a staff-led presentation and then move to a breakout session to discuss the topic and guide your mentees in completing their workbooks.  

Depending on COVID safety measures and school policy, up to 8 of these 16 sessions might occur in school and in person. All remaining sessions will be virtual.  Watch this short video that gives an overview of the mentoring process. 

Become a mentor! 

It’s a personal choice to become a mentor – to leave your comfort zone and help others. 

Whatever the motivation, a common thread we have seen through our mentors is the rewarding benefit of the experience. So, think about. Decide if you are ready to start planning your happiness. 

 Join us as a mentor at Winning Futures!  

We are taking applications for the 2021-22 school year. Apply Today!