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At-Home Life Skills Activities for Teens

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School’s out, but we’re not! Make the most of at-home time with your student with these life skills development activities. Based on our award-winning and evidence-based curriculum, these simple and fun activities will help your student develop important knowledge and skills they’ll need to be successful.  

Check back every Monday through April 2020 as we’ll continue to roll out more activities each week!  


Personal Brand – 04/20/2020

Your personal brand is everything that shapes how people view you including friends, colleagues, college admission officers and future employers. Look over what you are currently posting on social media. If it isn’t professional, now is the time to change it. Use the “grandma” test; don’t publish anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see. Wipe your social media pages of incriminating photos and delete grammatical errors.

Download directions and related material (PDF)


Personal Strengths – 04/20/2020

Finding your version of success begins with identifying your strengths. Having a clear idea of your strengths can lead to a fulfilling career and greater happiness. In this session, students will identify their individual strengths because understanding your potential helps build self-confidence!

Download directions and related material (PDF)


Time Management & Study Skills – 04/13/2020

Time management is of great importance for career success and your personal life. When you properly manage time, you get more done, but also save more time for activities you truly enjoy.  Good study skills allow you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time, lower stress and better focus.

Download directions and related material (PDF)


Career Exploration – My Next Move – 04/13/2020

Planning early and carefully for a career will help you make better decisions for the future. Whether you are a high school student just beginning to think about your future career or a veteran employee who is looking to expand your interests or switch careers, exploring the My Next Move website can help you discover what careers are aligned with your unique strengths, weaknesses, and interests. 

Download directions and related material (PDF)


Creating a Vision Board – 04/06/2020

Close your eyes and visualize. How do you see your life in 5 to 10 years? Your personal vision guides your life and provides direction in your everyday decisions. A study by TD Bank showed 86 percent of successful people visualize achieving their goals, and 2 out of 3 go a step further by creating vision boards that graphically show their career, education, family, and other life goals.

Download directions and related material (PDF)


Perseverance – 04/06/2020

Have you ever failed at something? Did you try out for a sports team or a play and not make it? Maybe you couldn’t understand an algebraic equation before a test? I think we all can remember a time when we’ve found something difficult or flat out failed! Believe it or not, failure is a part of life. What’s important to focus on is not that you failed, but how you respond to that failure. Do you just give up and never try again? Or do you learn from the experience and come back better prepared?

Download directions and related material (PDF)


Positive Attitude Rap – 04/01/2020

Having a positive attitude is the foundation for success. It affects the way you walk, talk, think, act, and react in everyday life. This fun and lyrical activity will help your student reflect on their attitude and ways to be more positive. Remember, a positive attitude isn’t about being perky; a positive attitude is a mindset. Attitude is EVERYTHING!  

Download directions and related material (PDF)

Check out this video from Winning Futures for inspiration!



Rate How You Communicate! – 04/01/2020

Being a good communicator is critical to achieving successIt requires the ability to clearly express yourself while also listening and responding to others. Good communication skills will help you meet new people, advocate for yourself, resolve conflicts, and give fearless presentations and speeches. It’s a skill you will use for your entire life, personally and professionally!  

Download directions and related material (PDF)

Check out a demonstration of this activity with Rob Otto, Winning Futures Program Facilitator.