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The Power of Networking

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In our Winning Futures classes, we teach our students the power of networking. They learn the skills needed to both develop their network using resources like Linked In, and maintain it by keeping regular touch points with their contacts. We know gaining relational skills and developing a strong professional network is what will put our students ahead as they begin looking for a job and enter the workforce.

But did you know, by joining Winning Futures, you too can expand your network and enhance your career? Our 164 mentors this year have had opportunities to connect with people they may not have met otherwise. Our mentors represent 96 diverse companies in fields like marketing, education, legal, accounting, nonprofit, health, automotive, business and more. Not only is there time to connect in the classroom, we also host networking events for our mentors each year so they have more time to get to know one another.

Volunteering can boost your career and we make the most of it at Winning Futures. The Panel Study of Income Dynamics for women estimated that a year of volunteer experience increased wages by 2.4% for full time and 8.6% for part time. Additionally, the probability of gaining employment is 6.8% greater, on average, for persons who volunteered between 20 and 99 hours. The study also suggests that in an organization like Winning Futures, where volunteers are selected, the results could be even more significant.

Considering learning more about the power of the Winning Futures network? Find us on Linked In, Twitter, or Facebook and contact us to learn more about how you can be a mentor too!


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