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Summer School Program Builds Confidence!

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Winning Futures Summer School Program Builds Confidence for Academic Success.


Winning Futures recently implemented its middle school life skills mentoring course at Golightly Education Center in Detroit that focuses on building young people’s self confidence through academic goal setting.  During the summer school program, mentors and students work each week on a Winning Futures principal that provides struggling learners the confidence they need to improve for future academic success.


The summer program at Golightly is rewarding beyond words. To see the enthusiasm the kids put into learning is like no other.  The growth in self-esteem, knowledge,  and the tools the children are learning will be life changing,” commented volunteer mentor Lisa Thomas of Brown & Brown of Detroit.

A recent study by the Harvard Family Research Project showed that positive steps —like going to class, doing homework, arriving ready to learn, and actively participating in class—all lead to better academic performance.   These behaviors are strongly affected    by how young people see themselves; their confidence in their own abilities can  positively or negatively affect their performance in school.

 “Each week mentors work on  goal-setting strategies to influence a stronger sense of self.   When students believe they can achieve, it becomes much easier for them to reach their educational goals.” said, Laurie Tarter, Program Facilitator.

Student Thumbs Up

Winning Futures’ Life Skills topics, such as maintaining a positive attitude, helped young learners understand how their attitude can affect their academic success.  Students also evaluated their strengths which helped them identify their positive qualities and resulted in improved confidence. They also explored their moral and performance values to help them with better decision-making.

Lesley (6)


Lesley Gale described her experience this way, “We have been asked to work with students at Golightly to help build their self esteem. I certainly wish someone would have helped me realize who I was at this age. What an amazing experience for these teenagers. I believe they have received a life time gift and it was our pleasure to help them realize their best self.”