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Career Mentors: How Monica Labe helped Lourin Younan achieve her dream.

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Lourin Younan (left) in 2016 with her Career Mentor, Monica Labe (center).

Monica listened intently to an anxious high school student who described a “rudderless” feeling hanging over her like a cloud. The student was worried about not knowing what to do after graduation or how to begin the college search process. Monica knew she could help.

This is a common scenario for many students in our Workforce Prep Program, but our structured and time-tested curriculum guides our career mentors to empower their students to take ownership of their own path.

We are recruiting career mentors for the 2022-23 school year. Learn more by watching this video or going to

Meet Lourin   

Lourin Younan came to the United States as an adolescent when her family decided to immigrate here from Iraq. She was quickly immersed in the cultural shock of moving to a new country. Her background differed greatly from that of the United States, but the Younan family set their sights high on the American dream for their family and Lourin was determined to flourish.

Lourin came into our program her sophomore year and was introduced to her career mentor Monica Labe, member at Dickinson Wright during her senior year. “I found Lourin to be very bright, articulate and doing well in school, tons of potential. I saw big things were going to happen in Louin’s future,” says Monica.  At first, Lourin felt  intimidated by the fast-paced environment of our education system and being the first in her family to go to college.  There was a lot of underlying angst and she was frustrated.

Monica guided Lourin in identifying her educational goals, finding a school that felt right, and working through the application process. Since then, Lourin has graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on management. She currently a consultant at EY, one of the largest professional accounting firms in the world and has a promising career in a field she enjoys.

Monica helped Lourin flourish to become all she ought to be. “I am not surprised at all by Lourin’ success and I am honored I could be a part of helping guide her in her college and career choices”.

Meet Monica

“Being a career mentor reminded me how difficult young people have it today,” says Monica. “It has made me more mindful of people within my own organization. It connected me in a surprising way – it’s easy to forget the challenges we had coming up in our careers.”

Monica reflects on her time in our program as a very positive experience.  She believes it had a meaningful impact for herself, Lourin, and the business community by helping these young adults become innovative leaders.

Our program has a process, but our students pick their path. They choose their goals and our career mentors guide them and encourage them along the way. Sometimes the route is direct. Sometimes it takes a twist or a turn. But the long-lasting real change is the self-aware, confident individuals that emerge from the experience.

Career mentors help students figure out what they’ll do after high school, then coach them as they learn skills they’ll need to be successful. We are recruiting career mentors for the upcoming school year. Learn more and apply!