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Winning Futures Condemns Inequities and Racism

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We recognize what is happening in our community and recognize the feelings we (our team, students, mentors, educators, board, and volunteers) are having. We are sad for the events that are going on and the loss of lives that have occurred.

We believe that every student deserves to have a winning future. It takes a community of caring, supportive, and loving people to make this happen for all of our children. Our children should never be afraid to walk down the street, should never have to hear a racial slur, should never feel like they were less than someone else, or passed over for a job because of the color of their skin. Our children should never fear that their life will be taken from them by those charged to protect them.

We condemn all forms of systemic inequity and racism that exist in our community.

We need to work together and listen to each other with empathy and not judgement or fear. We need to ensure our children have the opportunity to have an excellent education and the positive life they deserve. We need to do this together.

~ Kris Marshall, President and CEO, Winning Futures