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Virtual Mentor Reunion

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On July 29, mentors past and present gathered online with our team for our first ever virtual reunion. Familiar faces joined the Zoom call from across the country to spend an hour of their day catching up and reminiscing. With each story and memory shared, the undeniable passion and dedication of our mentors was evident. Our mentors pour their time and energy into each student, supporting and rallying around them, and inspiring hope as they carve out their path to a brighter future – oftentimes even altering the trajectory of lives.

“I felt that I made a difference. That’s why I’ve stayed with the organization. It’s giving them [mentees] something they can actually use. You’re reaching kids and making a difference – changing lives. I always came away after each session thinking that the future is in good hands with these young people, and that everything is going to be okay.” Myrle Hughes, former Winning Futures mentor.

 We are currently recruiting virtual mentors for the 2020-21 schoolyear. Online mentoring is safe, fun, and impactful. Learn more!