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Mentoring Millennials

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Madison 1-14 9-44 Class Weisman

Bentley University has taken an in-depth look at the newest generation entering the workforce today: Millennials. In the “PreparedU Project”, 3,149 respondents were asked more than 300 questions to help us better understand this generation and how other generations relate to them.

This report is especially important to us at Winning Futures, because a large part of mentoring is closing the generational gap. We connect people of all ages with youth and during our program, they bond over their similarities and differences, often dispelling myths about one another.

We also work to help youth become better prepared for both continuing education and the workforce. They found that six in ten business leaders report “newly hired recent college graduates harm the productivity of their organization’s day-to-day business function because they are not well prepared.” The skills our students in Winning Futures gain will help them succeed as individuals and help their organizations to prosper.

Respondents said that soft skills are equally important to hard skills for success in the workplace. Our program’s evidence-based curriculum teaches these crucial soft skills including goal setting, communication, values, networking, overcoming obstacles and more. We believe developing these skills in our students is the key ingredient they need to succeed.

Want to help the next generation be the best young professionals they can be? Join us and mentor today call Lindsey Gardner at (586) 698-4077! To read the full article, click here.