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Teletha Millender’s Story

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Teletha Millender's StoryMy name is Teletha Millender. Since participating in Winning Futures and graduating from Harper Woods High School I’ve continued my education.

Currently I’m a student at Eastern University where I’m majoring in dentistry.  Right now I’m working at a home care facility as I prepare to move on to bigger and better things.

My experience with Winning Futures was so helpful and wonderful. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of the program.

When I think back the very first memory, it’s the game where we learned how to manage our money, I think it was the budget game. It was so much fun, but an eye opening experience at the same time.   I think that has stuck with me the most, “The more you learn, the more you earn”.

My mentor Aly was amazing, I loved her. She was there for me in class and outside of class. I really felt like I could confide in her and really get good advice and feedback from her. Aly was wonderful and I often think about how she’s doing to this day.

How has Winning Futures helped me?  Winning futures honestly got me ready for the real world. Me only being in the 11th grade there were so many things I didn’t realize I should be learning or knowing that Winning Futures got me ready for.

Before Winning Futures I didn’t really know how to manage my time to say the least.  Mr. Bryan, Aly, and the program taught me how to do that an so much more.  It’s amazing how many of the things I learned that I still use to this day.

What did I learn in Winning Futures, I couldn’t even begin to list.  However, I remember writing a  five year vision statement.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember the one I wrote, but thanks to the program I bet I could write one now even better than I did in 11th grade.