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Lear Interns Gain Real World Experience

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This summer, five Winning Futures students were selected to participate in the Lear Automotive Youth Academy. For five weeks, students were employed in a unique internship program. Each week the interns spent part of their time on the campus of Wayne State University and the remainder of the week at Lear headquarters. Professors from the Mike Illitch School of Business guided the students through classroom sessions where they learned lessons on emotional intelligence, time management, financial management, writing, presenting, and workplace etiquette. Students also worked with the Detroit Economic Club where they engaged in activities to help them build a strong personal brand, learn to network, and explore career opportunities.

These internships have opened the students’ eyes and prepared them for the future. Intern Destiny Oree shared her feelings about the program, stating, “My biggest takeaway…is that being authentic will strengthen my personal brand, and a strong personal brand will help open opportunities for me.” Intern Jay’la Rivers said, “The skills I learned will help a lot throughout my senior year and also after. It prepared me for debts, scheduling, time management and more. I was pushed to go beyond my best and perform my best which will make my senior year a breeze.” Intern David Young said, “I feel that I will always use the information that I was taught this summer for the rest of my life.”

We are extremely proud of our students who took the initiative to secure and complete the Lear internship. Thank you Lear Corporation for providing our students this memorable experience.