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Winning Futures Partners with Lawrence Technological University’s Summer Connections Program

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On Monday, August 15, 2016, Winning Futures partnered with Lawrence Technological University’s Summer Connections program to teach incoming freshman goal-setting and strategic planning tools to help them excel in college. Summer Connections is offered by Lawrence Tech to help first-year students become familiar with the expectations of college life.

Together with Lawrence Tech staff and senior level students, Winning Futures Facilitator Rob Otto led a day full of energizing activities that provoked engaging communication and higher level thinking among the students. More than 20 incoming freshmen were grouped with student mentors and participated in activities to encourage them to think strategically, and prepare for their college careers.

In session one: Attitude is Everything, students learned how their thoughts affect their attitudes and actions, and how positive attitude is the foundation for all success. Working in teams, students and mentors had a short time to build the tallest spaghetti and marshmallow structure. The lesson is designed to elaborate on the belief that you must have a solid foundation to succeed. The winning team pointed out that they spent most of their time building the foundation for their spaghetti and marshmallow tower which was confirming evidence of the need for a solid foundation.

winning futures, lawrence tech, lawrence technological university, mentoring, michigan mentoring, mentor

In session two: Vision for your Future, students were prompted to visualize their ideal future careers and create a personal vision statement that included their strengths, values, and educational goals. Session three: Academic Goal Setting, was another fun opportunity for students to learn from their mentors and peers. During this activity, students’ shared study tips while competing to win school supplies. The fourth and final session of the day: Strategic Planning, reiterated the importance of creating goals to accomplish the level of success each individual aspires to attain and encouraged students to create a three year continuing education goal to help them prepare for a successful career after college.

After an action-packed day, mentors and students alike, felt empowered and prepared for the fall school year and beyond. Thank you Lawrence Tech for allowing us to partner with you to help set these students on the path to a bright future. We are excited to be part of the journey that will lead them across that graduation stage in 2020!