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Setting Personal Goals to Reach Success

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In Winning Futures, we teach students the importance of defining what success is to them. Once they have a clear vision of success, we encourage them to set personal goals. Factors like relationships, character traits, and job satisfaction affect quality of life.  Understanding personal desires aids students in creating aspirations that align with the lifestyle they want to live. Setting goals and working on them helps young people live the life that they want to live.

During our personal goal setting session, we teach students that personal goals are just that—personal. They help you develop as a person. They can be broken down into three basic categories:

  1. The kind of person you want to become.

You can define the kind of person you want to become by thinking about your values. Is it important for you to have a strong connection with your family? If so, you know that you want to be the type of person who can spend time with family regularly.

  1. Things you want to achieve.

Are you interested in having career success, or changing the world? Thinking about the impact that you want to make, and setting personal goals around this, will help you focus on the important steps that need to be taken to achieve your wishes.

  1. Possessions that you want.

Is it important that you live in a mansion? Fly on a private jet?  Are you okay with a loft downtown?  Biking to work? When you know the answer to questions like these, you can set personal goals that will enable you to live a happy life.


In our mentoring sessions, we let students know that how they define success is personal. Once they have a vision of success, we encourage them to create individual goals they can work on immediately to achieve their visions.

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