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Alumnus Nicholas Clarke is Soaring at Albion College

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Winning Futures alumnus Nicholas Clarke says that the Winning Futures program helped him discover what he wants out of life. In our 22-week program, students work with their mentors to learn the process of setting SMART goals, visualizing their futures, and honing in on the skills and characteristics it takes to be successful. “Before Winning Futures, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do after high school. Winning Futures helped me significantly by teaching me the steps I need to take to plan the life I want to live.”

Nicholas, a third-year student at Albion College, is pursuing his BA in Finance with a minor in Communications. A previous intern at Faurecia Interior Systems, Nicholas hopes to return to the company this summer. “Winning Futures opened my mind to the idea that there are endless possibilities available for me. Without them, I’m not sure I would be where I am today.”

During the 22-weeks that students connect with their mentors, we encourage them to create a vision that is beyond what is right in front of them. Once they form that vision, we assist them in creating steps to turn that vision into reality. Winning Futures also encourages students to work hard and to network with people to reach professional success. We also stress the importance of having a positive attitude to rise above adversities.

We are proud that these lessons have been important to Nicholas. “I am extremely grateful for Winning Futures and my mentor, Jason Gordon. I plan to maintain a relationship with Jason.”