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Everyone Can Be a Mentor

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Winning Futures mentoring programs are a fantastic way to guide young people down the road to success. When family members and others reinforce the message, it becomes more ingrained.

To help you have a positive influence on the youth in your life, here are tips gleaned from some mentoring studies:

  • Be a supportive guide: Help teens develop positive values and make good choices.
  • Be an active listener: Encourage open discussion and listen intently, maintaining eye contact, nodding affirmatively.
  • Have fun: Grab a bite to eat, play a game or just hang out together.
  • Push a little: Many teens like to have high expectations set for them and appreciate when mentors push them beyond what they have imagined.
  • Be authentic in your interest: Teens know when you are just fulfilling a role.
  • Guide good choices: Don’t impose your beliefs. Instead, help them think through decisions critically, guided by their deeper values.
  • Give perspective: Use your life experiences to help put their challenges in perspective, to see both sides of a situation.

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