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Janae Register’s Story

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Janae Register's Alumni Success Story

I am currently in my third year at Michigan State double majoring in Criminal Justice and Social Relations and Policy working towards my Bachelor’s Degree. I’m  working an on campus job at the moment. I spend most of my time doing school work, working, campus organizations, and sleep when I finally get a chance.

I LOVED WF, that was my favorite part about going to school on Thursdays. Bryan Howard and Julie Rayes were some of the most awesome people I have ever met. They were really rooting for me when I interviewed for the scholarship which I did win by the way. I just loved the program overall.

My mentor Lashell Warner was such a beautiful person. I could really relate to her as a young black woman. She was very sweet and smart, she was a wonderful mentor. She was really supportive and I could talk to her about anything! She even helped with some of my things for prom and I was so grateful for that.

My best memory was on my birthday, she brought me my favorite cupcakes from Just Baked…Red Velvet. She knew they were my favorite and she got me a birthday card. We recently just reconnected on Facebook, so we’re now keeping in touch.

Winning Futures helped me break out of my shell just before college. I was a shy girl and the exercises that Winning Futures had the students do really helped me interact with other people.

The 5 year vision statement had to be my best activity. I’ll be honest I don’t remember everything that I wrote on my vision statement but I’m certain that I’ve achieved most of my goals. But Winning Futures helped me to put that plan together!  I believe my attitude did change from Winning Futures, because I had a terrible attitude but they helped me build character and make my attitude change for the better.

I am so thankful I had the chance to be a part of Winning Futures and I hope one day to help others as Winning Futures has helped me! Thanks everyone!