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25 From 25: Richard Russell

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Richard Russell, Student, Eastern Michigan University,
Winning Futures Class of 2018

When Richard was a student at Warren Mott High School, he wasn’t sure about his goals or how to achieve them. He was a shy kid who lacked self-esteem and male role models in his life. That changed when he met his mentor, Mark O’Malley, commodity buyer at ZF. Mark worked with Richard, helping him step outside of his comfort zone and build confidence, and motivating Richard to pursue his goals. Richard won our Cupp-Hamilton Scholarship and is currently attending Eastern Michigan University where he is considering majoring in business.

“I didn’t grow up with a lot of male role models in my life,” said Richard. “My dad died when I was one years old and I grew up feeling different from other guys in my schools. Mark helped me realize that that’s okay and the things that make me different are assets.”