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Why Are Strengths Important?

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How many times have you been told you need to turn your weaknesses into strengths?  Traditionally, choosing to focus on improving weaknesses has unfortunately become all too common for high school and college students.  The factors of peer pressure, siblings, parents, and media have shaped students’ future too much.  What if students started focusing on their future based on their passions and strengths rather than outside forces?

By empowering students to focus on their strengths to overcome their weaknesses we would have a breakthrough of untapped potential and developing students abilities.  Strengths and talents are critical to an individual’s success and is not just limited to students.

Identifying strengths will allow students to discover what they are good at and build confidence in that area.  Every student has multiple strengths and will be able to enhance those strengths at a high level if strengths are identified at a young age.  Discovering strengths will allow students to discover what categories of strengths they excel in such as:

-Ability to bring others together
-Influence others
-Get things done
-Visualize the future.
When a student learns that he or she is excels at a certain talent he or she will inherently become more confident, motivated, and willing to think outside the box.