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Benefits of Mentoring for Businesses

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Strengths & Talents
Mentors choose to volunteer for many different reasons. The good news is not only can mentoring be a great way to give back to the community, but it can also benefit your business.  In the April 2015 issue of Corporate Philanthropy Report an article titled, “Youth mentoring Offers Social and Business Benefits” highlighted the many benefits of youth mentoring.  A study was conducted by Ernst & Young to evaluate the outcomes and benefits, specifically for businesses. Some of their findings include:

  • Mentoring is a way to engage employees, it is a hands-on way to build skills and increase retention.
  • Mentoring helps guide students towards industries, colleges, and job opportunities that are in high demand. Many industries are lacking qualified employees to fill positions and mentoring can help guide students towards these positions.
  • Mentoring can strengthen local communities and increase a company’s customer base due to a thriving community and positive reputation.

The facts are convincing, but the experience speaks for itself. Mentors have the opportunity to shape youth into tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Mentor Andrea Spade shared why she personally decided to mentor, “My commitment to mentoring students through Winning Futures is perfectly aligned with my personal values, and as an employee of a global provider of workforce solutions to employers, it also makes good business sense to be a part of the solution to help develop and grow today’s youth in order for them to become tomorrow’s top talent.”

Winning Futures makes it easy to get involved and follow a curriculum proven to give positive outcomes.  To learn more about mentoring or sign up please check out our website. Any questions please contact Lindsey Gardner at or (586) 698-4077.