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One Simple Way to Maintain Rapport with your Mentee over the Holiday Break

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Tis the season for celebration, joy and peace. Many of us have time off from our usual obligations and can spend more time with our loved ones. However, not everyone enjoys the holiday season. The holidays can be especially tough for teens who are coping with family issues, a recent loss of a loved one, or whose families are experiencing economic hardships.

It is important to maintain rapport with your mentee over the break. The simplest way to show that you care is to write your mentee a letter. This kind gesture will have a meaningful effect. A letter is cherished as one rarely receives a handwritten note. It can be read and reread and saved for the future. The letter doesn’t have to be long, but it should be genuine and meaningful, and should be used to remind your mentee that you care.

Letter writing tips:
1. Write how you speak. Do not overcomplicate the letter. It should be easy to read by your mentee.
2. Mention something you talked about or did together the last time you met and how it affected your day.
3. Be general with wishing your mentee a happy holiday. Not everyone celebrates Christmas.
4. Most importantly, be genuine and sincere and let your mentee know you look forward to seeing him/her after the New Year.


Maintaining a relationship with your mentee is important in developing a lasting connection and in making a major impact on his or her life. Take five minutes to continue building rapport with your mentee during this holiday season by writing a letter. It will make a difference in the life of your mentee.