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With Us From the Beginning, Hamilton Chevrolet Celebrates 25 Years of Support

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Mike Boguth in the Hamilton Chevrolet showroom with a 2018 Corvette.

An interview with Mike Boguth, Vice President, Dealer Operator, Owner, Hamilton Chevrolet


When Sam Cupp first launched Winning Futures, what was your reaction?

I felt it was an extremely generous thing for him to do. Giving or investing your time is a huge commitment but he believed that he could make a difference with high school students, and he definitely did!

What is your personal history with Winning Futures?

I was hired by Sam in 1978 to work at Hamilton Chevrolet. Sam and his partner, Don Hamilton, were my business mentors. I knew firsthand the positive influence mentors have, so I volunteered and mentored in the program for many years and served on the Winning Futures Board of Directors.

What impact has Winning Futures had on Hamilton Chevrolet?

All of the Hamilton Chevrolet team members that volunteer feel they get more out of the program than they put in. Winning Futures improves attitudes of our team members that get involved. The program is a great community service to families in our area, and Hamilton Chevrolet has always been a proud member and big supporter of our community.

How has the Hamilton Chevrolet dealership changed in the last 25 years?

We have continually upgraded our dealership and the personal services we offer to all of our customers. Technology has grown exponentially in the high-quality products Chevrolet offers, and we make the commitment to stay ahead of that curve so we can present these awesome vehicles in an understandable way to our customers.

How do you see the dealership changing over the next 25 years?

Technology will continue to evolve, leading to safer vehicles. The core of the business will never change though: one-on-one personal service to each and every customer to help them find the best vehicle option and terms, and then being there to help them maintain and care for that vehicle.

Is there anything you’d like to say about our 25th anniversary?

We are very pleased to have supported Winning Futures since its founding in 1994. The organization does amazing work that is real and meaningful. It’s the kind of thing we want to be a part of and that we’re very proud of. Congratulations Winning Futures!

Learn how you can help our students through sponsorship by contacting Julie Rayes at or 586-698-4416.