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Hope Regained: Faheem Mumin’s Story

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When Faheem Mumin was a student at Butcher Community High School, he lost hope. He was behind on credits and was told he wouldn’t be able to graduate on time. That’s when he was introduced to Winning Futures and mentor Scott.

Faheem said Scott would meet him after school and help him write his school essays. “He was there when I needed his advice and his support,” Faheem said.

“He would always motivate me to do better.”

The lessons Faheem said he learned from his experience as a mentee were how to set goals and that no matter what circumstances he faces, he has the power to change them. It also gave him what he lost in high school: “Hope that if I work hard for what I want to achieve, I can do it.”

Faheem is now working and going to school at Macomb Community College, where he is studying to be a physical therapist.