Winning Futures Scholarship 2018


  • Students must currently be enrolled in the Achieving Success Winning Futures Mentoring Program
  • Must have 70% or higher in attendance
  • GPA and test scores are not considered in this application!
Please note: The RARE Everyday Hero Scholarship is no longer available. This scholarship is only offered to students in the Winning Futures Program at Cass Tech, Cornerstone, Community, Harper Woods, Madison, PAE, or Warren Mott High Schools.

If you need another copy of the application passed out in class click below:

Scholarship Process

  • Application Process – Complete all parts of the application (Online application, resume, essay questions, and recommendation letter)
  • Essay Judging – Volunteer judges will read and score essays. Letters will be sent out in the mail letting the student know if they will be advancing to the next interview round.
  • Interview – 10 minute interview will be scheduled at the students’ school during the school day in April or May.

Online Application Cover Sheet

The first step of the scholarship process is to complete the online application cover sheet. Please remember to print 4 copies. You will need to staple one copy of the application cover sheet to your resume and essay questions and submit a total of four packets.

To complete the online application cover sheet, click the button below or visit:

Scholarship Checklist

  • Part 1:  Print 4 copies of the application cover sheet online by following the link above. If you have difficulties please contact your facilitator.
  • Part 2:  Print 4 copies of your formatted resume.
  • Part 3:  Print 4 copies of your typed essay questions. Please follow formatting guidelines and do not put essays in folders or presentation packets.
  • Part 4:  Turn in 1 recommendation form. It can be completed by a counselor, teacher, administrator, school staff, mentor, or community member. The form must be in a sealed envelope and signed. If you need an additional recommendation form click the button below.
  • Part 5: Return 1 completed and signed parent photo and video permission slip. If you need another copy of the permission slip please click the button below.

Due Date

Please reach out to your Winning Futures’ facilitator if you have any questions! Applications are due the week of March 19-23 the day of your Winning Futures class even if you are absent.

  • Community High School – April 18,2017 by noon
  • Madison High School – April 19,2017 by noon
  • Cass Technical High School – April 24, 2017 by noon
  • Warren Mott High School – April 19, 2017 by noon
  • Cornerstone Health + Technology – April 20, 2017 by noon