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Alumni Scholarship Requirements

Alumni Scholarship


Participation in the 2022-23 Winning Futures College Success Mentoring Program with at least 70% attendance in Winning Futures through April 2023. If you graduate by May 2023 and will not be taking any classes in the future, you are not eligible. This scholarship cannot be used to pay a student loan.

Winning Futures scholarships can be used for any of the following:

  • Tuition payments at a community college or university (including graduate level courses)
  • Technical training
  • Apprenticeship training
  • Certificate programs
  • Other related educational costs while enrolled in school

Note: Previous alumni scholarship award recipients are eligible to apply if they were awarded a scholarship totaling in less than $5,000. All alumni who have already been awarded $5,000 in alumni scholarship funds are not eligible to apply.

Application Process:

Online Application - Complete all parts of the scholarship application and submit your form before the deadline of December 31, 2022, 11:59 p.m. CLICK HERE to apply.

Essay - Email your completed essay to by December 31, 2022, 11:59 p.m. See details below.

Essay Judging - Judges will read and score your essay based on:

  • Quality
  • Adherence to all listed essay requirements
  • Responses to the questions

Interview Judging – Applicants whose essays score in the top tier will become finalist and advance to an interview round. Each finalist will participate in an interview, responses will be scored based on your essay submission.

Winners notified: May 2023

Essay Requirements:

Email your completed essay to by December 31, 2022, 11:59 p.m.

To submit your essay:

  • Open a document (Microsoft Word, Google Doc, or alternative)
  • Type your name and school at the top of the document
  • Copy each question with the description and paste into the file (be sure to include the question number)
  • Have a line space between the end of your answer and the next question
  • Be sure to meet the minimum number of sentences or paragraphs for each question
  • Make sure to save and email the document to
  • Type your name and school in the Subject Line and body of the email

If you have any questions about these instructions, please contact us at

  1. Describe your 10-year vision for your life. (Minimum two paragraphs of 4-5 sentences each, may exceed) Think about all aspects of your life: personal, professional, relationships, family, where you live, hobbies, etc. Please be detailed.
  2. Where will you be in one year? (Minimum 5 sentences, may exceed) Talk about what you plan to accomplish in the next year. Include details about how you will be successful in your college or other continuing education program, how it will help you towards your long-term career goal, obstacles you may encounter, and detailed action steps you will take.
  3. Describe a time when you failed at something. What did you do next? (Minimum two paragraphs of 4-5 sentences each, may exceed) Be sure to talk about what you failed at and what you learned as a result. Discuss how you bounced back from that failure.
  4. What is your current long-term career goal and why is it a good fit for you? (Minimum 4 paragraphs of 4-5 sentences each, may exceed) Include the career you are pursuing, how that career matches your strengths and values, why it is the right fit for you, and what training you will need to reach that goal. Take some time to discuss the obstacles that may stop you from reaching your goal and what you plan to do to overcome them.
  5. Write out the acceptance speech you would present if you were to win the Winning Futures scholarship. (Minimum 5 sentences, may exceed) Include who you would like to thank and why. Discuss how Winning Futures impacted you, what you learned or what obstacles you have overcome. Explain how the scholarship will help you in your future.