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Career Preparation Guide

Career Preparation Guide

Winning Futures is an award-winning nonprofit organization that has developed young adult mentoring programs that include a career preparation guide.

It is critical for high students to set not only education goals, but also career goals. Our career planning workbook is designed to help mentors, educators and other adults walk high school students through this discovery process through the use of career assessments and career planning. We also provide guidance on resume creation, job applications, monthly budgeting, interviewing, networking and more.

Additionally, we provide young adults and high school students with the proper structure and environment to discuss their career goals. Our approach ensures that students see an improvement in their motivation and self-esteem, as well as their attitude toward honesty, respect and citizenship. That is why schools and non-profit organizations around the country have implemented our programs and used our career preparation guide.

To learn more about the Winning Futures career planning workbook, visit or contact us.

Career Planning Workbook

  • Innovative
  • Easy to Implement
  • Evidence-Based Curriculum
  • Comes with Training & Support Materials

Equip your students to succeed - two curriculums available.
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