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Improving College Readiness

Improving College Readiness

Winning Futures is an award-winning nonprofit organization providing workbooks and training handbooks for young adults in need of a college readiness curriculum.

Every student needs to continually develop skills in order to be successful in life. It’s important before attending college, and eventually entering the workforce, young adults have an understanding of how to appropriately set achievable goals. The Winning Futures college readiness curriculum for students focuses on how to set attainable education and career goals through mentoring and hands-on activities.

For nearly 20 years, schools and non-profit agencies around the country have successfully implemented our award-winning program and witnessed incredible results. Through our college readiness curriculum, we help young adults create roadmaps for success and identify the actions required to achieve success. Our approach ensures that new students are well prepared to meet the obstacles and pressures associated with higher education. This level of skill development ultimately results in more polished students entering the workforce upon graduation.

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Job Readiness Skills

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