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Our Programs

2022-23 Workforce Prep Program

We have enhanced our DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION, SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING, and ASSET-BASED LANGUAGE strategies in our 2022-23 curriculum.

We empower high school and college students to achieve the life they dream of through our seven-year workforce prep and mentoring program. While our mission remains the same, our program is evolving to better address our student’s needs. The 2022-23 school year will include these exciting updates:

  • Our 10th grade program will return to the classroom (no more Zooming!)
  • Our curriculum includes more strategies related to:

    - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    - Social and Emotional Learning

    - Asset-Based Language

  • Year 6 of our 7-year model will launch


  • Student engagement from 10th grade through 4 years of college or trade school
  • Blend of virtual and in-person programming
  • Local business professionals serving as volunteer career mentors
  • Competitive scholarships
  • Award-winning and evidence-based curriculum
  • Engaging students at Cass Technical High School (Detroit), Community High School (Sterling Heights), Communication & Media Arts High School (Detroit), Harper Woods High School (Harper Woods), Mumford High School (Detroit) Pontiac Academy for Excellence (Pontiac), and Warren Mott High School (Warren).

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Year 1: SCHOOL-BASED MENTORING for 10th graders

Year one focuses on career exploration and life and job readiness skills development.

  • 230, 10th grade and alternative high school students
  • 2-3 one-hour monthly sessions, November through May
  • Sessions held at participating schools, during the school day, and with students, teachers, and staff members present
  • Motivational lessons facilitated by staff
  • Fun hands-on activities facilitated by career mentors with support from staff
  • Topics include goal setting, career exploration, continuing education, and life skills development

Years 2-3 ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING for returning 11th and 12th graders

Years two and three are a deeper dive into career exploration and skills development with greater emphasis on continuing education and planning for life after high school.

  • 75, 11th and 12th grade students who were in our program the previous year
  • Monthly in-person or virtual one-on-one meetings between students and their career mentors
  • 5-minute educational video followed by structured discussion led by career mentors
  • 11th grade topics include positive attitude, career exploration, virtual career fair, continuing education, relationship skills, networking, strategic planning, financial literacy, and college applications
  • 12th grade topics include positive attitude, financial aid, budgeting, applying for college or trade school, executing strategic plans, coping with stress and fears, professionalism, resumes, interviewing, and organization
  • Experiential workshops and college career tools

Years 4-7 COLLEGE SUCCESS MENTORING for students in college or trade school

Years four through seven focus on providing students with the support they need to stay in college or trade school, graduate, and find employment.

  • 50 students who were in our high school program and are now enrolled in college or trade school
  • Students matched with career mentors based on the student’s career interests and the mentor’s work experience
  • Monthly virtual one-on-one meetings between students and their mentors
  • Topics include freshman struggles, resumes, internships, networking, interviewing, and job shadowing

Our students are EXCELLING - the impact is REAL!

Workforce Prep makes a real and meaningful impact for our students, their families, the communities in which they live, and the employers for which they will eventually work. Learn more about our impact.

  • 96% of our students are better prepared to persevere or overcome obstacles
  • 87% of our students improved their job readiness skills
  • 96% of our students completed the first step towards their education or career goals
  • 77% of our students gained skills to improve their grades

For more information contact Bryan Howard at or 248-495-2918.

Learn more about mentoring and other volunteer opportunities!

talk about his experience in our program.