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Our New 7-Year Model, Built for Success

In response to an increased need to help high school and college students overcome challenges, we have retooled our Workforce Prep program into a seven-year multi-channel model. This revised model engages students early in their high school experience and throughout their college years while providing flexibility with in-person and virtual programming.

talk about his experience in our College Success Mentoring program.

Our long-term goal has remained the same – to transform students into self-reliant, employable, and productive adults. However, as the variables that affect our work and students have changed, we realized opportunities to help students navigate the short-term and long-term challenges and impact they are facing.

Our new seven-year model features a blend of virtual and in-person programming with volunteer mentoring by local area business professionals. Students can apply for a Winning Futures scholarship and receive incentives for meeting attendance goals. They enter the program in high school and continue up to an additional four years as they complete trade school or college. Here’s a look at each year:

10th Grade School-Based Mentoring

This first year of the program is for new students at participating partner schools. The goal is to get students excited about their future while helping them develop critical life and job readiness skills. The program features Winning Futures staff in a teachers’ classroom facilitating a motivational lesson, students completing fun, hands-on activities, and virtual mentoring by local area business professionals who reinforce lessons through supportive small-group discussions and activities. The curriculum is structured and evidence-based with topics including goal setting, career exploration, and character values. 16 one-hour sessions will be held once per week from November through May. Depending on COVID safety measures and school policy, we are hopeful that up to eight of these 16 sessions will occur with mentors in person with students.

11th and 12th Grade One-on-One Mentoring

This second and third year of the program is for students who were in the previous year’s program. Students will meet with their mentors monthly, one-on-one, on days and times that will be arranged by the student with their mentor. Sessions include a five-minute video on a curriculum-based topic followed by supportive discussion to reinforce the lesson. Students also participate in three on-site workshops.

For 11th grade, the goal is for students to further define their career interests while continuing to develop critical life and job readiness skills. Topics include career and education exploration, relationship skills, and strategic planning.

For 12th grade, the goal is to prepare students for life after high school and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve success. Topics include professionalism, interviewing, applications for continuing education, and dealing with college obstacles.

College Success Mentoring

This program is for college students who were previously in our high school program. The goal is for students to stay in school and graduate. Topics include freshman struggles, internships, general wellness, and securing a full-time job. Students are paired one-on-one with a mentor based on interests and professional experience. One-hour video or phone call sessions are arranged once every month by the student with their mentor.

For more information contact Bryan Howard at or 248-495-2918.

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